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Visions Of Angels Blowing Trumpets | Jesus Is The Ligth | Hezekiah Walker Reunion Choir October 31, 2015

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Jesus Is The Light Of The World Is The Top Angels’ Song

I ‘ve been watching Hezekiah Walker’s Reunion Choir Playlist on YouTube and singing some of the songs, expecially Jesus Is The Ligth  and Make It To That City.

However, I have been seeing the most interesting visions of the Song Jesus Is The Ligth


I saw the BREAKING NEWS that the US has sent troops into Syria to fight ISIS (October 30th, 2015).

Angels are blowing trumpets in Heaven to accompany the Song Jesus Is The Ligth

First, I’ve been singing Jesus Is The Ligth  more than before.  I was resting on Friday 30th OCtober and singing the song when I saw a vision of angels taking up trumpets to join the song.  The Angels’ Trumpets had only a mouthpiece and looked like the ones in the picture below.


Angels’ Trumpets | 30th October 2015 | https://thelordsangels.wordpress.com


Angels Blowing Trumpets | Vision on October 30th, 2015

The Angels are also singing the song Jesus Is The Ligth 

I also have been hearing the Song Jesus Is The Ligth  being sung in Heaven. The Angels have also picked up their Trumpets on one other occasion in the vision that I have been seeing all night.  The song in heaven is a response to the Lord’s vengeance on the behalf of Israel. I wrote about that in the post titled Sunday October 25th 2015 Vision Of Jesus In Israel.

Even as I wrote the post, I suddenly saw the revelation that this is the outcome of the Jewish Feast The Blowing of the Trumpets, and that Jesus is at war against the Enemy of His People the Jews.  This is the Year of Jubile for Israel and for the earth.

Thank you Lord for being faithful to Israel. Thanks Angels for the Blowing  the Trumpets.


The Year of Jubile

The Feast Of Tabernacles

The Year Of Jubile – Blowing Of The Trumpets



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