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About me

I remember clearly that I was saved at nine as my father preached about hell.  I sat in my seat and saw a picture of yellow flames, then somehow found my self at the altar.  I really did not understand about the Christian walk until I was 11 years old. However, the infilling with  the Holy spirit at age 13 changed my life dramatically.  The  KEY passion of my life is to walk with God, to please Him and to bring others into this relationship.

I attribute my spiritual condition to the  influence of  my  mother who gave me to the Lord in the womb and prayed and sang over me  before birth, thus indelibly sealing her for the purposes of  the Lord.   I come from a close knit family and my  siblings have also played  a  key role in supporting me in the work of the Lord over the years.

I function  in  results oriented ministry, allowing the Lord to use me in anyway that He sees fit.  Numerous individuals have testified about the blessing this has brought to their lives.  I have beeb used by God to minister to the body of Christ and to nations and have functioned in the  prophetic, teaching, healing and deliverance, leading the body of Christ into worship, intercession to name a few.

I write about angels because I have met them on numerous ocassions.  All of the posts are about my personal encounters with one exception which was a story sent to me by my  nephew.

I first saw Jesus when I was thirteen and used to be conscious of  angels in my room in later years.  My encounters with angels, including Archangels Gabriel and Michael have opened up a world of truth to me.

Come with me on this journey and you too will see the power of  God the angels. Blessings.

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