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What Archangel Michael Told Me About Men October 26, 2015

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It was Saturday 24th October  @ 5. 08 pm. Archangel Michael told me that

“a well kept 50 year old man is better than a 20 something year old man with no past and an uncertain future… LOllllllllll”


Sunday October 25th 2015 Vision Of Jesus In Israel October 25, 2015

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How the vision began

ALT="israel belongs to the Jews"

God placed a left foot over Israel. Heaven is His Throne and Earth (Israel) is the Father’s footstool

Sometime about 7.00 am on Sunday October 25th 2015, I was speaking with Archangel Michael about the common misconception that Lord Jesus was poor. I mused that the Lord always had cash. For example, He sent the disciples into town to buy food as He sat at the well in Samaria and they had money in the wilderness – just not enough to buy food for about 10, 000 people.

I also reminded Archangel Michael that Jesus had so much money that He left Nazareth on the commencement of His Ministry and went to Capernaum where He bought a house.

On hearing about His house, Jesus leaped to His feet and exclaimed, “I just remembered that I had a house in Capernaum! Let me check.” 

I then reminded the Lord that according to Jewish law, He would have also inherited Joseph’s property in Galilee as heir, since He was the firstborn in that family (although He was not really Joseph’s son).

Lord Jesus then went to some records and began to read. I saw pages flying up into the air as He did so. He was extremely upset, slammed His right hand down on the desk, and said, very vehemently, “those Arabs!”   Jesus then told me that Heaven had not interfered because everyone needs some place to live and they did not want people to say that God is mean.  However, the situation is untenable now.

I heard someone ask Jesus what He planned to do. He replied that He did not know. Shortly after answering, Jesus leaped unto a white horse. He waved His right hand forward and said, “let’s go Angels.”  

I saw the horse descending to earth in the same way that an aeroplane makes its descent prior landing. Shortly
thereafter, the horse touched down in Israel. Its two front feet were sort of bent backwards and the back feet were bent forwards when it touched the ground.  It looked back at The Lord and swished its tail.

Jesus got off the horse and looked at the territory. It seemed to me that He was in Capernaum. The Lord mused out loud that He did not want to kill the Arabs, because everyone needed someplace to live.  However, He said that they were “cantankerous.”

I agreed that the Arabs needed some place to live, but that they were very violent towards the Jews, who had occupied the territory as a nation since  2708 years after Creation.  That means that they had physically occupied the land for 1580 years at the time of Christ’s birth.

With little time to spare, Jesus waved His right hand forward once more and said, “come Angels.”  

I saw  a huge silver piece of equipment that looked like a giant shovel at the edge of the property.

As I tried to figure out what it was, i was astonished to see that the Angels had already cleared everything off  the land.

All that was left was a giant, flat silverish plane.

The vision then ended.  Lord Jesus, please save your people from their enemies. As I write, Jesus told me to tell the Nation of Israel to remind Him of His stuff and the places “where my feet trod.” He also told me to “tell them I say it is MY territory, not theirs” i.e. the Arabs.

Blessings, peace and Angelic prospeity to you.

Archangel Michael Laments About Men Gone To Waste August 17, 2015

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just heard Archangel Michael lamenting about “men gon to waste.”   

My response is Father God, please recycle those homosexuals (and lesbians too).


Men Gone To Waste. Bring Them Back Obama


Coming Wrath. Archangel Michael is thinking about wrath to come. August   17th 2015 @ 11.39 a.m.

Read on Homosexuality as God sees it. It is an abomination to God

Vision About #Israeli Prime Minister #Benjamin #Netanyahu August 3, 2014

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I received this vision about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday 29th August, 2014 at 3. 20 am. In the  vision:

The Lord blessed Benoni and satan fell back, as in Zecariah 3.

Jesus told said “hi”  to Benoni.

Archangel  Gabriel  said you can call Him “Gaby.”

Archangel Michael said that you are so much like David.  “How about some music?” He asked.

In the vision, I heard,

“Benoni, do you realize that this is a situation where the last is first?”  In the vision, I was made to understand that this statement referred to the fact that lastborn Benjamin rules Israel.

I heard, “I bless Israel with Moses‘ blessing.”  I now add the blessing:

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace

And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them. (Numbers 6: 22 – 27).

I wondered how to deliver this vision to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Archangel Gabriel told me to publish it so the world can hear and see His Favor/Chen, upon Israel.

Archangel Michael’s Melodious Voice June 28, 2014

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It was Monday 23rd June, 2014. I was entering the stairway of  a building to go the upper floor when I saw two men. They were of African descent. One of them sat on a step while the other stood at the entrance. It is a place where people commonly stand to hold conversations.

I greeted them and they responded. As I approached them, however, I noted that the man sitting on the step was speaking with an American sounding accent. However, his speech was fluid and effortless and the tones of his voice were beautiful and melodious. I mentally noted that I had never in my life heard anyone speak like that.

After a brief exchange with the secretary, I had to descend  the stairway again. The men were still there and their conversation continued.  The man seated on the step continued to speak with that beautiful, melodious voice. I must say that my ears were tuned into His voice. I greeted them again and went on my way. However, they were not there when I returned a few minutes later.

I later discovered that the man speaking on the step was Archangel Michael. We love you Michael. Thanks for visiting with Gabriel. Lots of love to you Father.  I wish I could say that I remember what they were speaking about.

#Archangel #Gabriel And The #Laughter In #Heaven April 27, 2013

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It was about 6. 50 am today when I heard Archangel Gabriel laughing infectiously in heaven. In fact, all of heaven seemed to be laughing, including Michael and Jesus.  Archangel Gabriel said to me:

“baby, imagine, we’re so high up here looking down on them fighting, warring, stealing, backstabbing!”

The laughter continued. I heard Archangel Michael say, “hold me up, this is funny!”   The laughter was infectious so I chuckled. I lay on my face as requested and continued to listen and chuckle with them.

As the laughter continued, I heard Archangel Gabriel say, “put the pit she digged under her” (referring to a particular individual). That was so funny that the laughter started again.

I heard Him say again:

“when they say peace and safety, their destruction cometh on them like a woman in travail.”

He told me to get up and write what I heard. I also heard that someone is about to burst the bubble.

Well, that is it.  Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity.

“The Lord’s Angels” – ranked in TOP 10 Angels blogs May 20, 2010

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Hello Faithful Readers

I was doing some work on my blog tonight and discovered that it was ranked among the TOP 10 Blogs on Angels at  http://www.blogs.com/topten/top-10-angels-blogs/#tpe-action-resize-438

I was blown away to say the least


We love Michael August 6, 2009

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While I jotted the notes for the previous post, I was reminded of something that I had heard back in 1998/99 when living in Scotland. One night while sleeping, I heard the voice of a multitude of angels chanting:

“We love Michael

We love Michael

We love Michael…”

Although I heard the phrase repeated three times, I knew that I had heard part of a song to Chief Prince Michael. I had not thought about it for many years, but on earth let’s join the chant and say:

 “We love Michael

We love Michael

We love Michael…”


Jesus and Archangel Michael May 29, 2009

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The two men passed me as I sat looking out at the water, my method for relaxing at the end of a long day.  I waved to them and noticed that they sat on another bench at the end of  the walkway.  They stood up in unison as I approached them on my departure.  I heard, “walk behind us. This is Michael and Jesus”.” I smiled, but really wanted to walk quickly in order to get some exercise. “Walk behind us”, I heard them say. I obeyed and noticed to my amusement (believe it or not) that the shape of their feet (especially the calves) and their walking pattern were identical.

As I walked behind them, they spoke with me about the people of the nation in which I lived, the people with whom I worked and answered some questions that I had. I felt such a sense of  peace, joy and love.  As we approached the main city area, they slowed down and looked at the  water. There was a crab  just on the shore line. I said “hello” as I passed them and they replied. “Time for dinner”, said one of them.  I smiled and agreed.

They asked me to walk in front of them, then to sit as I approached a bench on the waterfront. This was the end of the journey.  After  I sat,  I looked backwards for them and realized that they were crossing the road, going in another direction. 

This encounter was such a blessing for me and I am writing about it as instructed. Have a great day!

Archangels Gabriel and Michael- brothers, not twins May 22, 2009

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I saw them on Wednesday this week – two men about five feet nine inches, although one was just slightly shorter than the other. I was looking at them because of  the striking facial resemblance. As I looked  at the men, they walked away from me so that I was able to see them from the back for about five minutes.  I noted that they had the same shape in their shoulders and calves.

As I looked at them, I heard, “this is Gabriel and Michael”. I replied, “are you twins?” The answer was, “brothers, not twins”. I asked, “where is Jesus?”  They replied, “Jesus? Jesus is a big boy. He can take care of Himself”. They then walked out of my range of vision. LOL.

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