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How My Guardian Angel Shen Brought Me Joy And Peace January 1, 2015

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On Wednesday 17th December, 2014, I was looking at Creflo Dollar preach on grace when he said that God sends us Grace. I exclaimed that God had sent me Grace when He sent me the Angel Shen. I then thanked Shen for being with me.

As usual, Shen responded from the head of my bed and expressed his pleasure at being with me.  At that time, the joy of the Lord immediately filled my heart and this joy has been steadly increasing since then.

As Shen ends this tour of duty and returns to the Father, another Angel will come to be with me. Thank you Father for being with me and for the Angel of Grace called Shen.


The Angel Called Shen


The Angel Called Shen November 23, 2014

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I first became aware of Shen’s presence a few months ago when my Guardian Angel Cheemese was sent to another assignment, with my consent. Love you Cheemese. Shen sat at the head of my bed and told me his name when I asked.

Shen is the Angel of Mercy and Grace. In other words, he is slow to anger and plenteous in mercy. His personality is different from Cheemese’s, who is a very high level warrior.  Like Cheemese, Shen is accompanied by hosts of Guardian Angels. How comforting to know that Angels are here. Thank you Shen for helping and speaking with me.

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