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On Sunday 7th December, 2014, I was told about the unfortunate Clare Valley accident that resulted in the death and injury of individuals attending a political meeting. I will now share what Archangel Gabriel told me then and still continues to say on the issue:

Archangel Gabriel told me that this was an accident engineered by satan, who came to steal, kill and destroy. He said that the adversary’s intent is to create bloody conflict and violence in the nation, just as he did in Jamaica in the 1980s election violence.  The Father told me that those who desire peace will live long and enjoy the fruits of the earth, as the scripture says.

I therefore urge all Vincentians to remain at peace and to allow the God of peace to rule in your hearts


Archangel Gabriel’s Vision For St. Vincent And The Grenadines May 4, 2014

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I heard Archangel Gabriel speaking to me at about 1 am on Sunday 4th May 2014. He shared His vision for the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He told me:

1. God desires to dwell in living color in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – to walk and talk with the people, from Parliment to the prisons. He said that He wants this nation to be a place of PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS to the degree that evil people will not succeed here.

Will you answer the call Vincentians?

2. He said that Vincentians must use their creativiity to get wealth. He spoke about people investing heavily in things like vehicles and not in their creativity. He showed me a picture of a suit which was made by a Vincentian. It looked like a Calvin Klein. This is the potential in the nation, He said.

He said, for example, that we must invest in paper patterns, sewing machines and overlockers and learn to cut patterns and to sew designs.

He said that He knows that we do not have the resources to invest in the arts. Go on the internet and learn free. Develop your skills in the area of your interest and passion and live.

Blessings, peace, angelic prosperity and protection.

Archangel Gabriel Said That Business Owners Must Protect Their Property July 31, 2013

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On Sunday 28th July 2013, Archangel Gabriel told me to tell the business owners of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to protect their properties against thieves and murderers. There are two types of defenses:
a.The Arm of God
b. The Arm of Flesh/Security Systems
a. The Arm of God
God promises to defend and protect those who trust Him and dwell in His presence.  He assigns angels around you (Psalm 34, Psalm 91).
Remember to give your tithes and offerings into the work of the Lord as this is one sure way of protection against the avenger.
Ask believers to pray, plead the blood over and anoint your business place as this is a very effective defense mechanism.  The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous produce results. Also, Prophets have been known to act as protectors for those favored by God (2 Kings 6).
How about putting the Word of God on your sound systems? – http://biblegateway.com is a good, free source. Let us run demons out with the Power of the Word of God.
b. The Arm of Flesh – Security Systems
Friends, there are a number of ways in which you can secure your business place using Security Systems. Please explore the options available and that are within your budget.
Finally, if you walk in the way of the Lord, He will prosper and protect you. I decree no evil will befall you – no plague will come near your dwelling.  I arrest criminals and murderers and command their schemes to come to ZERO in Jesus’ name. I decree their wicked intents will NOT PROSPER in Jesus’ name.
Blessings, peace and angelic prosperity and protection. Trust in the Lord. Those who do so will never be ashamed.

Archangel Gabriel Speaks On The Murders In St. Vincent And The Grenadines July 31, 2013

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As I looked at SVG Television News on July 30th 2013, I learnt about the senseless murders of two men – one aged thirty and the other twenty-four. I exclaimed, “Lord have mercy!”   However, as I prepared to sleep later that night, Archangel Gabriel said to me:
“You have not wept and grieved about these murders. Heaven grieves when innocent blood is shed in the earth.”
Lord Jesus then said to me, “the spirit of theft is the spirit of murder.”   I remembered His Words:
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full – John 10: 10.
I then spent time praying for the grieving families and repenting for the sins of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Archangel Gabriel also told me that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a nation that has forgotten God.
I ask the saints to pray fervently for this beloved nation of ours and to arrest the spirits of  theft, murder and violence in the name of Jesus.
Blessings, peace, angelic prosperity and protection.
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